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Your Privacy

Unlike many other companies, we value our user's privacy so we collect only minimal data and we never share them with anyone.


Cloud Saving

All our games save your game data on our online cloud so you never have to fear losing them.


Fast Support

We try to answer each and every one of our user's questions as fast as we can.


Only One Account

KoalaEntertainments games are synced together with the same account so you won't have to remember many passwords.



All of our games are free to play with no additional costs or subscriptions.


Our Determination

We at KoalaEntertainments have only 1 goal: To make the most enjoyable and fun games of all time so our users can have a great time.

NINJA RUNNER v3 is now out.

When his whole tribe was murdered by merciless warriors, he decided to take the path of revenge.The last survivor of the Ninjas Tribe tries to find the warriors who killed his family and friends.But first, he needs to collect their souls so they can rest in peace.To do so means he needs to travel countless miles until the last one is collected. Every time he gets enough souls, his fallen fellows give him more power. Now, the "Last Ninja of the Ninjas Tribe" is asking for your help. Will you be able to help him collect every single soul? Download the game now and find out!

Our Games

The last survivor of the Ninjas Tribe tries to find the warriors that killed his family and friends.You are the chosen one to help him on his journey

- Ninja Runner

Tap to jump over obstacles, timing is a key factor to do this! Roll down the spiral as far as you can to be the #1 player in the world!

- Roll Out

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